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Regular readers understand that I am all approximately advertising, speaking, and of direction printing. Lately, articles had been focusing at the topics of advertising and marketing and facts pushed communications. But we must now not forget about the printed piece as it’s miles a key thing of any complete advertising plan. In this article, we are able to observe 3 of the types of printing we might use in an powerful advertising marketing campaign. Specifically, offset printing, virtual printing and hybrid printing.


Offset printing, or conventional litho printing, makes use of a process wherein ink is placed onto a roller so that a printing plate can pick out up the ink and create an photo on a blanket. The inventory (paper) rolls onto the blanket and the photo seems at the paper. For complete coloration printing, this manner often makes use of four number one colours to build all the different colours that we see. These colorations are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. That is why you may once in a while see four-colour method printing known as CMYK. You can also use spot colorings in case your job requires an precise shade fit (depart a comment of you need to know extra approximately spot shades).

Offset printing is commonly used for longer runs. By longer runs I seek advice from a more variety of sheets, or pages, that want to be revealed. There are many varieties of offset presses starting from small one shade presses that could take care of a sheet size of 8½ x 11 to a whole lot large net presses that could print the whole lot from the daily newspaper to millions of copies of books. There are also a spread of area of expertise presses that print envelopes, raised printing and plenty of others. When you have got a print process, make certain your carrier provider has the excellent system to run your activity as economically and effectively as possible.

The factor: offset is right for a huge quantity of static documents.


Digital printing, the arena of the printing industry that is currently experiencing the maximum boom, turned into introduced inside the overdue 80s and early 90s. At that point, the most effective virtual printing available became black and white. Today, however, there are numerous other alternatives which include toner-based totally digital colour, ink ‘based digital shade, and an emerging process that we are all acquainted with, inkjet era. However, not like the inkjet printer you might use at domestic, production inkjet presses can produce loads of pages according to minute, a few even for fast postcards printing.

The key element of digital printing, in preference to offset printing, is that in digital printing each sheet can be custom designed. Digital printing is greater reasonably-priced for shorter runs (fewer copies) due to the fact there are not any plates, there’s a lot less waste and the coloration is (commonly) correct on the first sheet off the press. Also, the document comes off the clicking dry, so turn-around times are plenty shorter.

As a way to keep costs, many organizations at the moment are generating advertising and marketing collateral in small masses in order that there’s no inventory to song and keep and no chance of obsolescence. Additional value savings can be realized whilst a web-to-print solution is used, saving administrative time, proofing time and permitting many small orders to be aggregated into big orders, reducing the general cost. Again, that is because of the capability of virtual printing to address quick run paintings with high first-class effects.

But quick run paintings is handiest a small part of what virtual printing can do to assist your company develop. If we get again to our communique on information (sorry, I cannot help myself) we are able to use that records to create an individualized, personalised, applicable published advertising collateral that is unique for each of your recipients. So whilst you’ll be promoting the same product, say a couple of denims, the reproduction and the pictures which you need to apply to promote to a 22 12 months antique woman in New York City may be very distinct than the ones you want to promote to a 50 yr antique male in Douglas, Utah.

Digital printing allows you to take benefit of variable statistics printing. In it is most simple form, variable statistics printing, has similarities to a mail merge application you might use on your own home laptop (as genuine variable data printing is some distance extra complicated and requires experienced programming, my virtual prepress team will torture me if they take place to study this analogy). My personal protection however, the ability to print customized, excessive pace, excessive exceptional, complete-shade collateral way digital printing can create mass advertising pieces that are specific for each recipient. This type of personalization has been validated to elevate reaction prices by means of 20 – 30 percentage. And when used as a part of a go-media marketing campaign, the equal innovative paintings can be repurposed to be used in personalised touchdown pages (PURLS) and electronic mail.

The Point: Digital print is ideal for quick run and personalised, variable information initiatives.


Hybrid printing is a mixture of the nice features of both offset and digital printing. Hybrid printing takes the value effectiveness of offset printing for big 4 shade runs and combines that with the extended response rates personalization and customization make feasible by using adding a digital black and white imprint. Black and white digital printing is a ways less highly-priced than colour digital printing. Therefore, in case you are able to create a 4-shade manner shell, you could then utilize black and white digital print to create customized pieces in a extra fee-effective way.

This utility is terrific for form letters, gift appeals, customized offers and coupons with bar codes. Color receives attention, but virtual shade can be steeply-priced. Offset is static, not personalised or precise to the recipient, and does not get the better response rates marketers want. Hybrid printing solves this quandary by way of the usage of color from the offset technique and the personalization from the black virtual method. You get the benefit of both processes and the fee effectiveness of both methods.

The Point: Hybrid printing is ideal if you have a variety of full colour portions to supply, but the personalization can be carried out in all black.


The answer to the question which technique is right for you may depend upon what you are attempting to accomplish. Talk in your dealer and give an explanation for your goals. A suitable vendor will take the time to listen and help you propose the most effective and affordable marketing campaign viable.

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