Abortion Counselling (Termination, Miscarriage and Sudden Infant Death)

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For two years, prochoice organizations were working to ensure that every body who is pregnant is capable of get right of entry to actual, impartial records approximately all being pregnant options, and, if preferred and required, attain guide and funding to get right of entry to a secure abortion at home with drugs or abroad in a sanatorium.

On behalf of Abortion Support Network, Mara Clarke:
“ASN elevated our services to Malta on 14 February 2019. Since then, extra than 200 humans have contacted us for records approximately abortion clinics, professional on-line vendors of medical abortion drugs, investment to assist with the fees of abortion and tour, and logistical assist. We helped seventy five human beings in 2019 and 126 people in 2020. The growth was in all likelihood because of an accelerated focus of ASN and the assist we provide and the added pressure Covid-19 positioned on humans in Malta with unintentional or non-feasible pregnancies.”

Lara Dimitrijevic, Women’s Rights Foundation:
“We released Malta’s first ever prochoice coalition in March 2019 and spent the past years campaigning for the decriminalisation of abortion and for laws that convey Malta’s abortion legal guidelines in step with international human rights requirements. We have been thrilled to see October’s have a look at with the aid of statistician Vincent Marmara displaying that 18.1% of humans could be in favour of the creation of abortion in Malta. This is a 10 percentage growth over the previous 12 months, with even better numbers of younger people in favour of abortion law liberalisation. Change is going on.”

Professor Isabel Stabile of Doctors for Choice said:
“When ASN first opened to Malta, they needed to signpost everybody who wanted factual pregnancy alternatives counselling to a carrier in the UK. However, the Family Planning Advisory Service (FPAS) released on 1 August 2020, giving humans of Malta a Maltese being pregnant alternatives carrier. In our first six months, FPAS was contacted through 203 those who sought recommendation on reproductive alternatives. Additional queries were about assisted reproductive era which include pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. It is a disgrace that human beings in Malta remain disadvantaged of get right of entry to to crucial reproductive healthcare. We would really like to take this possibility to thank all our volunteers for the time committed to assist human beings in Malta who’re not noted and denied their rights by the nation.”

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