Sore Scalp After Attaching Hair Extensions

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As Editor of Hair Resources, I regularly get Emails with questions on hair extensions. Below is a current inquiry from someone who lately got hair extensions.

Hair Extension Question:

I doing on line research approximately hair extensions. I recently had hair extensions ottawa attached and I am involved approximately care and protection at this point more than something. I would love to examine greater about how they were carried out as well. I am wondering why it become so uncomfortable after they were carried out. My scalp changed into sore for some days. Is this normal?

Hair Resources Editor:

Both of the Ebooks, 2005’s Most Popular Hair Extensions and Hair Extensions-The Official Consumers Guide to Getting Hair Extensions have care and maintenance tips for hair extensions. The pointers encompass all of the extraordinary methods to be had nowadays. Some techniques can have unique care instructions that you hair stylist must be telling you about.

Our suggestions are greater standard in nature, a compilation from many special extension hair stylists and hair extension organizations.Both books additionally contain the info of 27 extraordinary hair extension methods. The maximum latest information are inside the Hair Extensions-The Official Consumers Guide to Getting Hair Extensions, together with several before and after pix.

As on your Great Lengths extensions software issue, no utility of extensions must hurt. You say “uncomfortable”, and that your scalp become sore for a few days. I am no longer sure that this should be the case with these varieties of extensions. I do recognise, from my vast studies on hair extensions that the utility of the hair extensions need to now not hurt you in any way. If it does harm, then they may no longer be applied efficaciously.

A specific technique that I realize this refers to is the braiding method, wherein your natural hair is braided and the extensions are sewn into the braid. If the braids are achieved too tightly, you may have a very sore scalp and feasible hair loss troubles down the road. I can apprehend the scalp being a little sore, however from the brought weight of the extension hair not from the application system. Human hair may be very heavy.

Did you verify that your hair stylist became a licensed Great Lengths Stylist?

If you would like extra facts on hair extensions techniques, I advocate the following assets:

1. Hair Extensions-The Official Consumers Guide to Getting Hair Extensions

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